Dear Farm Journal,

Rufus and I hiked down to the sugar bush again this morning and repaired a bit of line and secured the tanks for the coming snowstorm. The hike back up to the farmstead proved to be a bit trying for my calf muscles. Making this hike for 3 days in a row finally caught up to me. The snowy trail is slippery and you have to keep your eyes on the trail or a misplaced step will send you tumbling into the snow. Hiking with your head down in a white washed wonderland has a disorienting effect on one’s sense of place and balance. Once we made our way out of the woods, I made a trip to the food co op to pick up some beautiful ingredients for our pizza party tonight. I have really come to enjoy our winter pizza parties. Everyone brings some ingredients, we try out new combinations, bake way more pizzas then we should eat, and wash them down with a nice craft beer. It beats any restaurant or delivery pizza experience hands down.


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