Dear Farm Journal,

This morning we had the Haucke family over for breakfast. Rufus and I wanted to try making eggs benedict with our farm fresh eggs, although, we were a little short on eggs since the raccoon incident, but Jessica (Rufus’s sister) and Papa Rich brought some really nice eggs to contribute and we ended up with more than we needed. I know I write this a lot, but I find such deep enjoyment and value in coming together over an amazing home cooked meal, especially when you have raised or grown the food on the farm. We make profound connections through food. Each one of us is connected to the energy from the earth and sun through the foods we eat. As farmers, we harvest and share that energy in all of its wonderful forms from apples to zucchinis, and I find it to be an incredibly beautiful process. Our current food system has drained a lot of the beauty out of farming and food and that needs to change. I experience the winsomeness of small organic farming here juxtaposed by an inner cringe at what agribusiness has become. I wish we could go back to pre-industrialized food and farming, to a time when it was wholesome, genuine, and grown with care, not glyphosate. I fear for the future of food and small farming. I fear that the loveliness I take in here is not valued, therefore it may not grow or even continue as a livelihood.    


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