Boisterous air currents blasted me from every direction on my way to move the sprinkler. It was the type of wind that draws forth turbulence and tizzy. I was curious as to why the wind has such an effect on us. Here’s what I found. “As a species, we seem to have a high awareness and a surprisingly low tolerance of wind”. Physiologically speaking, wind signals danger. It once destroyed shelters, dispersed warning scents, and cloaked the sounds of approaching predators. “In one study of general blood vessel disorders, it was found that 50 percent of all myocardial infarctions and strokes occurred when wind was blowing at force 4 or 5”. Just, wow. However, my favorite quote that came out of the google has to be, “ all nature seems to languish during this abominable wind… a lover avoids his mistress with the utmost care”.

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