Dear Farm Journal,

Holy Shit! Rufus and I actually made it through an entire farm budget meeting without fighting or even getting cross with each other. This is a first. Somehow, by doing less, we can make more…addition by subtraction. We have decided to let go of our Minneapolis market and focus the business more locally with the CSA and Madison wholesale. The Minneapolis market had us spread too thin and we were just not making enough money there to make up for all the hassle. I was doubtful about shrinking the business when Rufus first brought it up, and I could not see how we could make it. He proved me wrong though. When we ran all the numbers, this makes the most sense. Sometimes farming does not make logical sense. Of course all of the budget numbers are projections based on last year, and there are a lot of moving parts, so we will see how everything actually shakes out. Right now, I am just happy that we can look at the farm budget with no hard feelings.


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