Dear Farm Journal,

There is something so satisfying about watching a project come together. It was just warm enough today to work outside without being in physical pain, and Rufus and I made progress on framing in our new shop area. I am starting to get the hang of this construction thing, and it is pretty amazing what two people can accomplish when they work together toward a common goal. Just a few weeks ago, this area had been a shell of a building that was basically “cold storage”. Now it is only one day’s worth of work away from being a heated shop. We used materials that we had in the back of the barn, lumber that we milled from dead fallen trees, and united gumption to get this project rolling. We removed a large rolling door from greenhouse 2 and repurposed it to close in our shop. Soon, we will have a nice warm area where we can do more work more comfortably. It makes me wonder what else is possible for us here at Keewaydin, as we continue to build our own little empire. This is truly a special place, and I can’t wait to see what we build together.


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