Dear Farm Journal,

It was a blustery day on our ridgetop farm. Our plowed pathways disappeared under piles of snow in motion. We spend our morning working side by side in the office, checking off tasks and continuing to build our plan for the 2019 season. I love the thrill and momentum we have when we toss ideas back and forth and build on each other’s concepts and strategies. It is fun to share our excitement for the coming of spring and new opportunities to grow. As the afternoon wore on and the wind and snow slowed down, we just couldn’t stay indoors any longer. We headed to the chicken coop to find our third egg! Then we moved onto a winter farm project of the utmost importance, building the luge. This sledding extravaganza begins near the barn atop an impressive pile of snow. Yesterday we began clearing the path which will shoot the sledder down into the valley. At this point, there are a few safety concerns, so we must continue to build the base and eliminate the debris. With any luck, we will be sliding long distance at top speed by this weekend.


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