Dear Farm Journal,

I think that abounding numbers of people underestimate the value of a simple life. As I have distanced myself from city life, the drone-like rhythm of a regular work week, social media, screen time, and consumerism, I have found that my level of happiness and satisfaction have been significantly elevated. I feel more each day that unplugged time is more satisfying than being on my phone or computer. I feel that outdoor time is more enjoyable than indoor time. I experience my connection with plants, animals, landscapes, and people as more compelling than consuming media or goods. I am learning to really enjoy the value of a simple life. I revel in the way the sunlight hits the snowflakes. I savor the flavor of each bite of homegrown vegetables or homemade dishes. Today we collected firewood, an age old task. I feel that this action connects me to my ancestors because we know for a fact that those who came before us had to collect wood to survive, to stay warm, to cook and boil water. I feel genuine. I sense my connection to nature and the past. I embrace the ambiance of collective work and wonder what my ancestors would do now. . . We also brought a sled with us on our wood collecting mission today. We broke trail on a worthy run and laughed as we picked up speed. Gizmo chased me and nipped at my arm as I steered away from obstacles and giggled in the childlike enjoyment of playtime.  We slid down the hill smiling, thanking the universe that we were not in an office, and feeling the life blood of our lifestyle.


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