So, it took us a little longer than expected, but we’ve finished the extended pig pasture. Post hole digging is a job requiring more skill and core muscles than I initially calculated. The pigs seem to watch us knowingly, so I approach their gate. I start scratching the female’s head and she flops comically to the ground. She just loves head scratches. One of her brothers comes in for some love and does an identical drop onto her side, expelling a whistling fart from her rear end. I laugh, but also want to cry. When we finally open the gate, they make their way onto fresh grass to live out the rest of their days (about 2 more months). It’s a bittersweet moment, watching them happily wag their tails and root into new vegetation, but I know I’m learning the necessary and emotional lessons of animal husbandry. Whether I wish to do it again or not… I don’t know. 





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