The pigs decided the best time for them to escape would be while everyone was out hunting. Of course, Rufus made it easy for them by leaving the gate open before he made his way down to the woods. I walked out the door to find Rufus long gone and the pigs making their way down to the woods to join the opening weekend hunt. My heart raced as several choice words flew across the farmstead. In a panic, I chased them, making the situation far worse. Finally, I came to my senses and went for the grain bucket. To my great surprise, they actually came when I hollered out my familiar call, “SOOIE, PIG, PIG, PIG!” I got three of them in that way, but the last two were working together. I needed a second person. I saw our friend Ben’s blaze orange hat down at the cabin, flew down there, and roped him into the scheme. One wheelbarrow full of onions and fifty jukes later, we had all five pigs back. Rufus swears he hasn’t left a gate open since he was ten years old, but the pigs and I beg to differ.





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