Those good ol’ Keewaydin winds didn’t show us any mercy today. As the coffee boiled, robust squalls rattled the old farmhouse windows and Rufus declared the chicken coop project to be cancelled, and in fact, he would like to spend the day in a “wind bunker”. We clutched our steamy mugs and cringed at the thrashing branches beyond the shelter of our walls. Jessica pulled in, steadfast to her word, and I told Rufus we were obligated to show up. “Do you know what will happen to her Capricorn brain if we don’t finish this? She won’t be able to sleep at night thinking of that unfinished soffit”. We braced ourselves and proceeded to get thoroughly battered, gasping in the gales and trying not to get nailed by sheets of plywood, but we did it. We’ll caulk and paint another day, but as expected, come hell or high winds, Jessica made sure we followed this project through to completion. 




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