Dear Farm Journal,

I think finishing the potato harvest has been on our to-do list for about a month now, and today we can finally cross it off. Most days it has just been too wet to get out there. It wasn’t exactly dry today either, but it was feasible. Rufus and I dig our way down the row, collecting less potatoes than we had hoped. We discuss possible soil deficiencies and how we can improve the soil next year. We finish the job just in time for Rufus to clean up and head out to his dinner shift at Driftless Cafe. I kiss him goodbye and work on removing cucumbers from greenhouse one. It feels so strange to be alone on a Friday afternoon. In the evening, Rufus’s friend and his daughter visit the farm for youth hunt weekend, and we all go out to eat at Driftless. I didn’t have to be alone after all, and I still got to see Rufus. The food was absolutely phenomenal. Every bite was savor worthy, and the bartender (Rufus) wasn’t bad either.


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