Dear Farm Journal,

Recently I have been reflecting on how lucky I am, that I get to eat meals with the people I love. Food is such a cornerstone of our daily lives that we often don’t fully appreciate it, like we don’t appreciate each passing breath of oxygen. At Keewaydin, we love producing fresh organic vegetables, but eating them together is the real gift. In the dead of winter, we are only producing a dwindling crop of spinach and some greens and pulling garlic and onions from storage, but there is always enough to whip up a delicious farm breakfast. We boil coffee, crack eggs, shred and fry up potatoes, and apply generous amounts of butter and cheese. As we sit down at the table each morning, we watch the birds flutter to the feeder pressed against the kitchen window and look far across the valley to the pines and hunting hawks. We discuss the day’s plans in an unhurried cadence and I feel grateful. I imagine all the people who hurry off to work, eating a cold bowl of cereal alone, grabbing a granola bar, or kissing their loved ones goodbye with a cup of coffee and car keys in hand. I’m so incredibly thankful that my mornings are made up of chopping onions, shredding cheese, and laughing with the one I love.


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