Dear Farm Journal,

I have been off the farm for a couple days house sitting for some friends. I enjoyed a hot bath in their oversized copper bathtub and sat by their mesmerizing masonry stove that kept the little house at a nice cozy temperature. However, as I returned to Keewaydin this morning, I was warmed by the enveloping comfort of coming home. I walked on familiar ground and was welcomed by Rufus’s bright smile. Sure, our old farmhouse is drafty, and no one would ever want to soak in our tub, but the love and beauty here are becoming mine. Rufus has encouraged me from early on in our relationship to think of this place as ours, and to take ownership of it. I have struggled with this concept because I am still relatively new to the farm and he has spent most of his life working here. From dairy farming as a child with his parents, to moving back from Colorado to make it his own, he has put in so much. I still can’t quite wrap my head around this amazing place being “mine”, but I do feel that each day of work I put in, I belong here more and more. I walk through the farmhouse and I see the merging of my belongings. I walk the property and see the projects we have accomplished in the last year, and I am proud of the life we are creating here.  


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