Dear Farm Journal,

Well, we made it back from an epic ski vacation, and to our great surprise, our plants are doing well. Rufus and I are always a little nervous leaving the farm in the hands of others, but thankfully we came home to some awesome looking plants. I think this is one of my favorite stages in plant life, when they are popping out of the trays in beautiful uniformity with no weeds. The chickens have improved as well while we were gone. Their feathers are growing back and they are putting on weight. The snow is melted, green sprigs of grass are coming to life, and we feel as refreshed as the spring morning air, ready to dive into the season. It is good to be back on the farm. During our road trip out to Colorado, we saw so many disgusting CAFOs and ungodly amounts of corn that infuriate me and break my farmer heart at the same time. I return to Keewaydin with a renewed sense of the importance of what we do: farming without pesticides, supporting biodiversity, setting aside land for bird and animal habitat, raising animals with care, and farming as a family. We had a blast, but it sure is good to be home.


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