Dear Farm Journal,

Today was Balio’s first vet appointment and he does not approve of collars, leashes, car rides or town. He puked six times round trip and was majorly freaked out pretty much the entire time we were in Viroqua. He did fall asleep for a bit on the cool tile floor of the vet office during his exam, which I thought was pretty weird, but he had to be carried back and forth to the car because he absolutely refused to walk with a leash on. Besides those difficulties, he is a healthy growing puppy and is getting all his bases covered as far as vaccinations and treatments. When we arrived back at Keewaydin, we were both extremely happy to get out of the car. The rest of the day was much more enjoyable. I prepared for a family cookout, harvested veggies, chopped salad, and set up for a big family gathering. My grandparents, sister and new baby, brother, dad and Rufus’s family will all be here. It is one of my greatest joys to share food on this farm with family.   


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