Dear Farm Journal,

This is Balio and I’s third trip to the vet, and it was a milestone on account of the fact that he did not puke in the car. He made up for it however by jumping into the driver’s seat, leaving behind a damp, muddy, and slobbery driving situation each time I got out of the car. I smell like a wet dog and my hands get all slimy when I grab the steering wheel. He hastily jumps in the back like nothing happened. He also unequivocally refuses to cooperate with the whole collar and leash deal. This means I am left no other option than to awkwardly carry him as passing drivers stare questioningly at the absurd sight of us. He weighed in at 56 lbs today and he is only 4 months old. The vet assistant reminds me again that we will not be able to carry on like this for much longer. We will both be glad when all the puppy and booster shots are through.



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