Dear Farm Journal,

Even though, when we woke up, almost every fiber of clothing and bedding we packed was saturated in a sopping pile in the corners of our tent , I still wanted to spend another day on a boat. I found myself dragging my haggard bare feet through the sandy campsite, not in any hurry to pack up. We offer to help clean up the boat and the pull of the lake was too strong. The rain was tapering off and it almost certainly looked like the clouds were parting and the sun would, indeed, shine again. We just couldn’t resist the tiny waves of water lapping against the shoreline or our lively companions. We get back on the boat, break out some dance moves that haven’t left the farm in awhile, and put off our chores for one more day. It will all be there when we get back, and it was unquestionably well worth the delayed departure. 



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