Dear Farm Journal,

What a beautiful day to dive back into farming! The sun was shining, and it was downright hot in the greenhouses. I was not in greenhouse 1 for more than 5 minutes before I was barefoot and in a T shirt. My hands and feet, which had been squeaky clean on vacation, tucked away in warm mittens or floating along for a hot springs soak, were once again returned to their dirty selves. It felt so good to put my hands and feet in the soil that I just couldn’t help myself. As I transplanted chard, joi choi, and lettuce into the greenhouse beds, I watched slithering earthworms, shiny beatles, and quick moving spiders scatter in a display of renewed life in the soil. While I weeded beds in greenhouse 3, I listened to the chirping and twittering of an array of new songbirds. Robins pick at the mulch in the gardens and poke at the worms in the yard. Rufus and I walk to the house this evening and  I am enveloped by a rush of new life, and I fall in love with this farm, farming, and farmer, all over again.


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