Dear Farm Journal,

It was a bright blue morning for our first spring CSA packout. We harvest salad mix and spinach in the early morning before it got too hot in the greenhouses and then I was off to my Dad’s land to harvest wild ramps. This is my second year harvesting ramps with my Dad and I really enjoy our time together in the woods. He has the ultimate ramp spot where the hillsides are carpeted with bright green leaves. You can’t even walk these areas without stepping on ramps. We joke that we could dig ramps out there until we hated each other. My Dad is also the ultimate ramp digger, despite his multiple neck, back, and shoulder injuries. When I arrive out at the land, he already has 3 full crates dug and neatly stored in coolers. We head to the hillside and only dig for a short time before we have more than we need. As we drive the crates of ramps back up to my car on the four wheeler, I take in the fresh smell of spring onions and the beauty of the bold rock faces, budding maple trees, and bubbling spring. I thank my Dad for all of his hard work and allowing us to harvest here. Then I head to Kendall to visit my Grandma Miller and take her some eggs and greens from the farm. She has diabetes, so I always try to bring her what we have growing at the farm when I come her way. I just love her sweet smile and her incredibly funny stories. We visit for only a short time today because I have to get back to the farm to finish our packout. When I get back to Keewaydin, Rufus and I head to the watercress patch. As anticipated, we are both soaking wet in no time, and I barely make it out with my boots. For the second day in a row, my clothing is drenched, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know I say this frequently, but I am so very thankful that these were my Tuesday tasks and I am not sitting in some god forsaken stuffy office on this gorgeous day.  


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