Dear Farm Journal,
The lush charm of May beckons beyond my front door, and I conceive ways to incorporate light work while I heal. Rufus has been building garden beds like a mad man this week, moving our second load of compost into place, and he comes up with a plan for us to partner up today. He suggests I run the Bobcat (to stay off my foot) and he shovels the soil out of the bucket into the beds. I boldly accept, knowing full well I’ll need to learn to operate the bucket as I go. I’ve taken the Bobcat for a spin around the farm a few times, but my “driving” has been limited to the one handle. The first few loads I bring over are pretty pitiful looking, and I ask Rufus for some tips. After a brief lesson, I start to get the hang of it. I feel like we’re just two big kids building our empire in the sand box (or soil box in our case). Let’s just say, I didn’t do the machine any favors with my jerky maneuvering during the test run. Hydraulic fluid started spraying from the bucket arm, but Rufus said it was doing that before.

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