Dear Farm Journal,

It feels so gratifying to deliver our farm fresh veggies to family. This morning I picked three special boxes for my grandmother and two of my aunts. I carefully select the brightest radishes, the longest carrots, and the biggest chard leaves…all choice produce. As I close up the boxes, the essence of garlic, basil, and cilantro fill the air around me, and I think, “They are going to really enjoy this”. While visiting with my grandma, she tells me that her blood sugar is right where it should be when she eats a meal from the farm, and this makes me smile from ear to ear. When I talk to my aunt, she tells me that her granddaughter refuses to eat any carrots but “the ones that Joy brings”, and this makes me giggle. She is always waiting earnestly and energetically at the door when I deliver their box, always asking if I brought carrots this time. The final box is for my aunt and uncle who were in a motorcycle accident this week. They were miraculously not hurt too badly, and I hope a few meals from the farm will expedite their recovery. These are just a glimpse of the stories behind the food we grow, and the moments that make it all worth it.



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