Dear Farm Journal,

I spent the morning putting our disheveled farmhouse back in some type of order. When you wake up Monday morning and the house looks like 20 teenagers live here instead of 2 adults, the week is not off to a very stable start, so I work my way from room to room putting the pieces back together. We were much better at keeping the house clean in the winter, but since we are outside from sunup to sundown, a lot of domestic duties are left undone. We eat lunch on the run, leaving trails of bread crumbs and dollops of mayo behind. Our farm clothes full of sweat and soil start to stack up, and we drag disproportionate amounts of grass clippings indoors stuck to the bottom of our bare feet. In an hour or so, it starts to look like 2 reasonably stable adults live here, and we head outside to start the cycle all over again. We pick asparagus, radishes, and swiss chard, plant potatoes, and weed salad greens. By the end of the day, the dirt has already begun to work its way from the doorway, to the living room and kitchen. It is an inevitable reality of farmers on their hustle.



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