Sad Day for Mr. B

Dear Farm Journal,
Dropping Balio off at the vet this morning was semi traumatic. He just looked so sad peeking around the corner at me when I left. Back at the farm, I tried to take my mind off of it by keeping busy, writing and working on a harvest and pack out. It seems so strange to be pulling beauty heart radishes out through a patchy layer of snow. The sunshine on the snow was beautiful and the greenhouses were nice and warm, steamy with the sprinklers on. So far the indoor crops of chard and salad mix look great. The outdoor salad mix looked a little rough this morning when I uncovered it, but it perked up with the sun. In the afternoon, we picked up Balio, who seemed to be in pretty high spirits, considering. We ate spaghetti and laid low for the evening, feeling pretty sorry for Mr. Balio.

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