Dear Farm Journal,

So, today is Rufus’s birthday, and it’s a shame I spent it sort of mad at him. We had plans to do deliveries together in Madison, and then visit another farm, take a hike, and share a meal with friends. However those particular plans fell through and Rufus decided he just wanted to do deliveries and get straight back to work on the farm instead of hanging out with a different group of friends in Madison. At first, this made me sad, then it made me mad. I mean, you are already working most of your birthday doing CSA deliveries, and you feel like you can’t even take a few hours to celebrate? You just want to get straight back to a hot farmer grind? On your birthday? That sucks. In his defence, he feels like it’s just what we have to do. We just took two days off at the lake for the 4th of July and as always, for us, and probably every other person doing this work, we are behind. There is a long list of things that need to be planted, weeded, trellised, watered, etc. Sometimes that part of farming, the part that suggests you can’t even take a break, on your damn birthday, just makes me mad. Also, the heat just makes me grumpy in general. 



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