Dear Farm Journal,

Today was an awe-inspiring day. First, I accompanied Rufus on his remarkable journey of CSA delivery day; all the stops, all the stickering, and jostling of boxes, all the little details, the traffic, the rush. I’m a bit dazzled that Rufus does this on his own, week after week, the entire growing season, in his trusty van, which shook me to pieces and gave me massive car sickness. After we finally finish deliveries, we headed south to Angelic Organics Learning Center, where we met with a stunning staff, and took a tour of their gorgeous grounds and inspiring operation. It is a refreshing delight to connect with like-minded farmers and immerse ourselves in their unique charm. We small organic farmers have to stick together and support and learn from each other, to grow our community and a healthier way of producing food. 



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