Dear Farm Journal,
For the most part, Rufus and I’s personalities fuse freely in our farming and family relationships. He is a Cancer, I am a Capricorn (opposite signs), and in general, we compliment each other and maintain general harmony and balance. We do, however, experience the classic, chronic clash of optimism vs. pessimism. This is one of our head butting points, especially when it comes to estimating time. In this arena, I consider myself to be more of a realist with a touch of pessimism. I consider Rufus to fall somewhere in the category of delusional optimism, brushing the fringes of fantasy land. This morning, I insisted that we lay out a winter project plan and figure out what we would have time to tackle. This is our second to last CSA pack out day, and we are preparing to shift into full project mode. As a Capricorn, I want to know what the specific plan is. I want check lists, dates, timelines, material lists, etc. As a Cancer, Rufus just gets to work and figures it out as he goes, typical water sign with a seriously warped sense of time. I’ll just say, the meeting did not go well. We rarely come to an agreement on timelines and usually have to just see how it plays out. I suppose, in the end, it doesn’t really matter because the reality of life on the farm seldom measures up to the project plan.

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