Dear Farm Journal,
Whirlpools surge from the stratosphere unseen, circulating fresh air faster than we can take it in. The invisible force flings feathered wings skyward, bends branches low, and propels us to shelter. Our outdoor world is being battered, so we plan an indoor workday to get the new cooler space built in. Power tools roar and insulation flies as walls go up and down. It’s coming together nicely, and we’re so thrilled to NOT roll pallets over deeply cracked concrete to the cooler truck this season. I, personally, got the pallet stuck in the magnetic black hole outside the cooler door almost every single time. Boxes would go flying over the edge, along with my temper, and some colorful language. Rufus always seemed to have some magic tricks up his sleeve, but even he was hard pressed to push a pallet in unscathed. I would “spot him” as he thrusted the weight forward and I tried to steady the boxes. These little easement installments (like an accessible cooler) can really make the difference in a workflow mood… a blithe breeze or a turbulent tempest.

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