Dear Farm Journal,
Rufus and I have been considering hiring a third person for a couple of years, and it’s time to make the move. We’ve been carrying this idea daily, analyzing the distribution of labor, assessing the weight of the responsibility, and figuring the financial obligation. Keewaydin, like many farms, has seen historical fluctuations, multiple business models, and creative approaches to “making it work”. Rufus has had as many as 14 employees (between the farm and wholesale business), but when I came into the mix in 2017, he was “making it work” on his own. We’ve done a lot of building together over the last 3 years, but if we want to feed more people, or just keep up with the sales demands we’re seeing now, we’re going to need more hands. So today we boldly embark on our first ever social distance farm interview. The awkwardness is unending, but we move through it and look forward to growing our small but mighty team.

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