Dear Farm Journal,
Having healthy gardens and the right tools for harvest can turn drudgery to dreams. We’ve been making strategic moves to set ourselves up for more manageable harvest days; a multitude of mini steps and a few long leaps in technology. The culmination of these strides landed us in a sweet spot today. The pristine leafy beds and the revolutionary greens harvester rendered Rufus legitimately speechless, searching the lexicon for language to envelop his rapture. He made due with historical anecdotes about poring over piles of weeds in search of salad mix and long hours of harvesting by hand. He told one story of harvesting spinach during deer camp while one of his buddies gave him a hand (and a hard time) saying, “Look at yourself man. This is nuts!” At the time, he couldn’t disagree. It was nuts, but he still had to pick the spinach. However, the razor-sharp blade of a precision tool cut all that old scar tissue away today, and all he could do was grin. Game changed.

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