Dear Farm Journal,
Happy Halloween! Rufus worked a double shift at the Driftless Cafe today, dressed as a pea. We got a couple’s pea and carrot costume a couple Halloweens ago, and have had the opportunity to wear them a few times. Rufus is usually the carrot, but today the pea costume was more fitting because the top of the carrot sort of flops in his face, not great for waiting tables. He looked pretty adorable. I spent the morning processing more vegetables; broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoes. What I should be doing is getting ready for our fishing trip to Big Bay De Noc, Michigan, but instead, I’m getting ready to go see The People Brothers Band in Winona, Minnesota. Some friends and I are dressing up as “the skids” from Letterkenny, a Canadian sitcom. It’s hard for me to pass up PBB, especially on Halloween, so here I go. As they say on the Letterkenny Halloween episode, “It’s Devil’s Night Boys”.

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