Dear Farm Journal,
In preparation for the arrival of our baby Barred Rock chicks, Sandi and I start in on the coop rebuild. Our first step is to remove the ramshackle fence and clear the chicken run of a giant ragweed jungle. We assess the situation and gather tools: wire cutters, scissors, garden shears, leather gloves, wheelbarrow, weed whacker, drill, and star bits. I recognize our tool collection point is a bit of a bottle neck. When you spend 10 minutes or more just trying to find the right tools for the job (which are strewn across the sizable farmstead), it causes noticeable setbacks. Sandi, on the other hand, is much more mindful about her tools. She carries her own arsenal of gadgets and always seems to have what she needs right at her hip. She was kind enough to offer me her tool holster for this job, as I was dreadfully ill-equipped, wearing leggings with no pockets. It was so handy! When I couldn’t find the proper size star bit, she magically materialized one from her car. “You sure are a handy gal”, I say. I feel a little sheepish about my sub par dexterity, but also profoundly grateful to work with a partner who helps me “level up” in such a gracious fashion.

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