Dear Farm Journal,

The highlight of my day was making a delivery to my Aunt. Last week she wasn’t feeling well. She was coughing, had a sore throat and congested. She asked if she could buy some green garlic, so I sent a box of a dozen. On Monday, she called up and asked for another dozen and today I delivered them. When I asked how she was feeling, she said she was getting better but wasn’t quite all the way over it. She told me that her and my uncle have each been eating an entire stalk of raw green garlic every night. Within 24 hours of the first dose, they both said they felt better. They had more energy and weren’t coughing as much. They continued this course of action until they ran out of garlic. I was thinking that was pretty hard core and wondered how they could handle the potency, let alone the garlic breath. She said, “It is so good! We just love it!” Of course, this made my day. I mean, I’m not claiming that our food heals people, but anytime it makes someone feel better is a win.



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