Dear Farm Journal,
Sunday is the quintessential day for playing, what I call, “Fairy Food Mother”. It gives me so much joy to deliver food to the people I love, just out of the blue. Of course, I have to take more precautions and keep my distance, but placing a crate of frozen pork, canned venison, and salad greens on the porch to share with my family made my day. In the shimmer of the afternoon sunlight, Rufus and I hiked down to the cabin and laid out on a quilt to relax and write in our journals. Rufus brought his bow along and brushed up on his archery skills, drilling arrows into round bales in the field. I wanted to give it a go, but it’s too heavy for me to pull back (set at 70 lbs). Once we adjust it, we’ll see who has the better aim…but, it’s probably Rufus.

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