Double On Farm Day

Dear Farm Journal,
This Sunday, Rufus and I take advantage of a “double on farm day”, meaning that neither of us have any off farm commitments. These are becoming increasingly rare, until winter at least, so we always try to tackle some of our gardening tasks. Today our focus was the greenhouse one revamp; out with the old crops, in with the new compost, broad fork, till it up, and roll the planter from end to end with some hearty greens. A little before noon, we scramble to figure out where we are watching the Packer Game, and head down to Papa Rich and Charna’s place in La Farge. We cheer on the Packers, eat great food, share a few beers and get in a fair amount of yelling at the TV. After the game, we go back to chorin’ for a bit and call it a day, in agreement that we really love Sundays.

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