Dear Farm Journal,

It was another unbelievable “spring day” this Friday, as the wind and snow blow horizontally across the farm. There is zero motivation at Keewaydin to go outside and be blown apart by the vicious biting wind which makes everyday farm tasks nearly impossible. The only one who seems not to mind it so much is Balio. He was born in mid January this winter while it was negative 30 degrees and spent his first few months of life entirely exposed to the elements. His double coat of thick fluffy fur keeps him relatively warm and dry. When I bring him into the house, he overheats relatively quickly and appears to be much more comfortable outdoors. I watch him sleep peacefully out the front window while the wind ferociously whips his fur in all directions and snow piles up on his back. He is undisturbed. With a cold tolerance like this, I am a bit worried about how he will fair in the dog days of summer.


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