Dear Farm Journal,

Well, today is our last day of “break” between the spring and summer CSA seasons, and I find myself feeling a little apprehensive, even a tad afraid of launching into the full swing of summer madness. Starting this week, we will be packing more boxes, managing more crops, and battling heavier, hotter days. In addition to more work, Rufus will be on the road more, so I will have less help. As I clean up the pack shed and set up the CSA boxes, the daunting reality of summer vegetable farming sinks in. Cumbersome disquiet lingers in every corner of my mind, so I talk it over with Rufus. He knows better than anyone how to manage these feelings. He affirms the feelings are mutual and soothes some of my anxiety. He jokes that before the decade is over, these feelings will fade into only a mild affliction. He assures me we will take a trip up north this weekend to get some rest, the kind of rest that a farmer can only get when they are far, far away from their farm. Even then, the farmer mind wanders away from the lake and pines, back to the business of falling behind. Only winter can calm the busy burning brain of summer.



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