Dear Farm Journal,

Mother Nature dealt us an inclement harvest day, so we dressed in our rain gear and made the best of it. Rufus’s “tugboat suit” is a little more heavy duty than my rain attire, so he generously offered to take the brunt of the weather as I brought crates into the barn and packed the CSA. He’s quite the gentleman that way. However, with just the two of us working the pack out now, I needed to brave the rainfall as well. When we got down to the last item to be harvested, neither one of us could feel our fingers. I took a steaming hot postharvest shower, which brought my bare feet back to life, and afterwards, I actually put on a pair of socks for the first time since…April, maybe. It felt very foreign, but warm and cozy. I laid down early, savoring the fleshy feeling of labor laid to rest. 



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