Dear Farm Journal,

This afternoon, our ridge top farm was bright and breezy with a touch of fall edging in. Rufus and I pull and cut beets in the shade of the curly willow tree and chat casually. Balio lays nearby, stretching his long legs in the most adorable way, warranting puppy snuggles. He is getting so big now. Visitors to the farm never believe he is just a puppy as he towers over Gizmo. Balio’s newest bad habit is roaming a little too far away from the farmstead with either one or both of the other dogs. I’m a little worried that his puppy love stage is over and he is transitioning into a more “adventurous” phase. Roaming is pretty typical of the Great Pyrenees breed, especially during adolescence. They sort of define their own territory which may or may not coincide with your actual property, so we are going to have to address that. The first step is going to be getting a bigger, stronger collar that he can’t just snap off. I really don’t want to have to tie him up, but we may have to try it for his own good. He has not responded well to a leash, so I can’t imagine he will be too thrilled about being tied up. If we are on the farm, he pretty much stays close by. It’s when we are gone that he gets big ideas about striking out on a little journey.


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