Dear Farm Journal,
The perennial crops around Keewaydin hold a captivating sway over this farmer’s heart. This afternoon we have a date with some charming characters; the hazelnuts and the apples. I mean, what is not to love about these guys? We have put in no effort all season, and come fall, they bear fruit! Our annuals seem so high maintenance in comparison. This is our first time harvesting hazelnuts from a planting established in 2012. They don’t look at all like I expected, but I love the wild shape they take. When we finally crack one open, the flavor is also a pleasant surprise. Next, we drive around to the apple trees across the farm. Some are sweet, some so sour they twist your cheeks inward, and some are resting and will bring us apples next year (bi-annuals). I’m already thinking about which perennial plantings to put in next year. I’m eager to expand our diverse cast of characters, our constant companions while the annuals come and go.

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