Dear Farm Journal,
Our intern, Elaina, has returned to the farm with her lifelong friend, Georgia. These young ladies decided to pursue the idea of working a farm internship together on their own accord. They had been unable to return to college after spring break and sitting tight with their families since Covid-19 changed our world. Right off the bat, I’m impressed with their gumption to seek us out. They’ve left the city lights of Chicago in their rear view and found themselves sleeping under the dark and starry Driftless sky. Observing their companionship and cooperation brings a sense of sweetness to the work environment. On their first day together, they are exposed to a full range of summer fun from sweltering heat in the morning to downpours, thunder and lightning in the afternoon. They weeded, amended soil, planted, pruned, trellised, harvested, helped set up an irrigation system, and picked potato beetles and cabbage worms. They did great! We’re honored to have them and look forward to sharing our farm experience.

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