At the beginning of the season, we never really know exactly what our farm crew will look like, but I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful people I find myself surrounded with on a daily basis. My brother, John, started volunteering on the farm last summer until he met his girlfriend, Cassie (you know how that goes). This season, when we asked if they’d both be interested in helping out, we weren’t totally sure if Cassie would like it, but they decided to give it a try and see how it went. This work is not for everyone, but I could see she had an open mind and a willing spirit. I have watched them both grow alongside the gardens and each other, and it has been a delight to witness. I’m happy and excited to report that John and Cassie have now officially made the decision to join the Keewaydin team. It’s a funny announcement, since people who follow us think they already live at the farm, but I still need to convince them to move here. One step at a time, and this is a happy step indeed.

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