Dear Farm Journal,
Rufus and I both felt the need to side step our methodical stride for a mini adventure on wheels today. So we packed up our bicycles and hit the Elroy-Sparta State Bike Trail. The leisurely path was covered by a parasol of leaves which shaded our ride. A slim stream of water slid alongside our spinning rims. We dipped into Tunnel #1 and dropped into a divergent dimension of dark, dripping underground fog. Inside the tunnel, we were enveloped in cool obscurity. With hesitation in every step, Rufus gripped my palm more tightly, divulging his racing pulse and inner trepidation. It was his first time through this spooky passageway, but a place I’ve passed through from childhood. It’s rare for me to be more sure-footed than him, so I fully enjoyed his vulnerability and quietly giggled at his mild angst. This brief excursion is just what we needed to shake up our energy and reanimate our rapport.


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