On this bustling Sunday, I squeezed in morning meetings, wiped piles of dishes, hung up laundry, and ushered guests in and out of the farmhouse. As I went about my work like a honeybee through a field of flowers, I reflected on how Keewaydin and Driftless Curiosity have begun to transform me from a wallflower to a social butterfly. The life I’ve stepped into stretches the limits of the introverted ligaments that normally tether me inward. So, after a people-packed weekend, I’m sore, but in a good way, like an athlete in conditioning training. This conditioning has helped me grow the mental and emotional muscles it takes to form meaningful and lasting friendships with curious souls like myself, and I wouldn’t give that up for all of the books in bed I could handle. But when the last weekend guest leaves a cloud of dust at the end of the driveway, I collapse into recovery mode.