We had a ridiculous amount of fun for a Monday while hosting State Fair Cake Day with our new friend Dave X and the staff from Burning Man. The livestream virtual event included a tractor ride, presentation of gardens, produce, crafts, and cakes, a Farmer Q&A, wacky costumes, and a special livestock guest, our neighbor’s baby goat, who we lovingly called Tomatillo (his stage name, his real name is Jude, in his regular life). The preposterous amount of joy that little baby goat brought to the farm, and to over 120 people on screen, blew me away. At one point, I looked at the faces on the screen and every set of eyes was bright, each mouth smiling wide or open in laughter. It’s safe to say Cassie and I pretty much lost our shit over that little goat. In fact, we spent the end of the day “returning Tomatillo”, almost bringing back like 11 goats in the van, and playing in the pen with all the babies. We are now more determined than ever to bring goats to Keewaydin…again, against almost every single word of advice I have been given. Let the ridiculousness continue! State Fair Cake Day 2021 was a sweeping success!