Dear Farm Journal,
This morning I introduced Balio to the piglets. Rufus wasn’t so sure about the idea at first. “So, why are we taking him in with the pigs exactly?”, he asked nervously before he opened the gate. I explained that everything I have read said Great Pyrenees are bred to protect livestock and they especially bond with young stock. While we don’t leave him in with the livestock like many guardian dogs, I thought it was important for him to meet them. Prior to this introduction, he could only hear snorting noises in the weeds, which I didn’t want him to mistake for an unknown predator. I walked the perimeter with Balio on the leash and cautiously approached the piglets. He sat calmly by my side, studying these pink aliens attentively, but never tried to chase, growl, or lunge toward them (so far, so good). Soon he laid down and kept his eyes on his new charge, occasionally scanning the perimeter for potential threats. Good boy, B. Now you have another job.

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