Although I carry an acute awareness of the need for rain, it doesn’t make it any more agreeable to work in. The greenhouses (which had us near heat stroke yesterday) were a place of solace today, a semi-warm shelter from the biting wind and rain. While I made the local deliveries, the dismal weather sucked me into a vortex of mental negativity and a heightened sense of all things annoying: the paperwork was disintegrating with each flush of raindrops, the box stickers wouldn’t peel off the page, the construction put me in a rather inconvenient position to reach drop sites, and oh yeah, the back pain brought on by riding in a delivery van and hucking boxes was mounting by the minute. On my way out of town, I steadied my unraveling nerves by mentally reciting all the things I could think of to be grateful for…then I got stuck behind a cheese semi for the long, windy, non-passable stretch of road back to the farm.

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