A car full of visitors rolled down our dead end gravel road. One of our CSA families from Madison is in the area and arranged to take a tour of where their food is grown. Almost immediately and simultaneously, the rear car doors swung open and two young boys popped out. I caught the end of a sentence, “been feeding me for 3 years, since I was 3 years old”. These kiddos were pumped to be on the farm, running about and carefully looking at all the different plants. They were truly curiosity embodied and the questions were fantastic! “What do you put in that tall thing (the silo)? Why is there an antler in that tree? Do you have any animals here? Can I take this home (a pussy willow branch he found on the ground)?”They were the sweetest. Their mother told us of how they have a mealtime practice of thanking the fish for giving his life for their meal. The younger child thought it unfair not to express gratitude for the vegetables. So now they thank Rufus and Joy as part of their practice, and if they ever forget, the youngest will enthusiastically remind them to thank their farmers. What an honor.

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