Dear Farm Journal,

The snow and wind continue to whip across the ridge here at Keewaydin. As I do my morning chicken chores, I find my fingers frozen and the hens huddles in the hay. Today was our first 3 egg day, so we are really getting into production now! Since our normal Monday routine was a bit displaced, we spend our day in the office, fingering away at our laptops, improving the website, updating flyers, writing work agreements, organizing volunteers, updating farm logs, uploading pictures, and mostly getting e-commerce set up. Up to this point, we have received CSA money through check or cash…the antiquated forms of money at this point. Moving forward, we will be able to accept online payments, which are the way of the world now. Rufus and I are very excited about this and hope that our hours of office time pay off in CSA sign ups. Here’s to Hoping,


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