On the third day at the water’s edge, I continued to circle the questions; “Why do I feel restless? What is it that makes me feel most content? What is it that ultimately satisfies?” I come up with a temporary answer, because I think our answers to these questions are inevitably hitched to time and circumstance. At this leg of my journey, I’m most content in the act of creating. I feel unsettled when I don’t write. If beauty or tragedy pass me by and I fail to touch them, to make sense of them in my own words, I feel I miss an intimate juncture, pregnant with potential to grasp the human experience in a way that cultivates love and understanding. We all have some type of water bottled up inside of us; a song, an idea, a passion brimming with purpose. If we don’t water the world with our gifts, we drown while others die of thirst. When we look into the primordial waters, we see ourselves, we see others, we see answers.




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