I make the local deliveries and contemplate the corn fields out my window. Some stalks are still standing. Others have been gobbled up by giant combines that guzzle fossil fuels and compact the soil. All of it has been sprayed with chemicals which faithfully run the course of gravity into our watersheds. WE drink them. None of it offers habitat which could support diverse species. Monocropping. I mean aren’t we sick of it yet? It’s tied up in a marketing lie which says we are “feeding the world”. It’s tangled up in a storytelling loop that says this is a “good and honest way to make a living”. It’s so heavily subsidized by government welfare programs that people think they can’t afford to grow anything else. WE are paying for this with our tax dollars. Is this what we want to see when we look out our windows? What did it look like before corn? What will it look like after? 






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